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 Application Format

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PostSubject: Application Format   Wed Dec 07, 2016 3:30 pm

Application format:

1.Personal information
1.1 Real life name :
1.2 Age :
1.3 Nationality(Country,City):
1.4 What is your main language:
1.5 Do you speak any other languages? :

2.In-game information
2.1 In-game name :
2.2 Account Name :
2.3 How many hours do you have? (Screenshot required) :
2.4 Do you have any previous in-game names? :
2.5 Do you have any previous experience in any other squad/gang/clan? :
2.6 Have you ever been punished? (muted,jailed or banned). If yes, state why and when? :

3.Motivation (Please note that this part influences your chance to join our gang)
3.1 Why did you choose "Suicide Squad"? (at least 25 words) :
3.2 What do you know about loyalty and Maturity? :
3.3 Why do you think that you worth to take part in the "Suicide Squad"? (at least 25 words)  :
3.4 Tell us what you know about the word "Squad"? :
3.5 Is it okay to ask the HQ team to check your application? (Why or Why not?) :

4.1 How would you rate your driving skills "Perfect - Good - Normal - Bad"? :
4.2 How would you rate your aiming skills "Perfect - Good - Normal - Bad"? :
4.3 How would rate your English skills "Perfect - Good - Normal - Bad"? :

-Would you like to add any extra information that may help you to get accepted? :

-If you are "Accepted" you will need to contact one of the HQ members IG to invite you.
-If you are "Pending" you will need to contact one of the HQ members IG to test you.
-If you are "Denied" you will need to wait for 7 day(s) to re-apply again.


Accepted List:

Pending List:

Denied List:
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Application Format
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