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 SU Official Rules

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PostSubject: SU Official Rules   Wed Dec 07, 2016 3:17 pm

1-Don't annoy staff to check your report and be patient.

2-Do NOT kill other criminals unless you are turfing.

3-Don't let anybody enter the base without taking a permision.

4-Don't camp hospitals/Crowded areas.

5-Always use M4/AK-47 in the line.

6-Being inactive for more than 6 days without informing a HQ will lead to instant kick.

7-Don't call anyone SIR, call us by name or Rank.

8-Don't talk in LINE, without premission.      

9-Make sure you read our rules on the forums.            

10-Don't steal drugs, that leads u to punishment.

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SU Official Rules
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